Improving bathrooms since 1972

Decades of bathing beauties

For half a century IKEA has been furnishing, organising and decorating bathrooms for the many. Let's travel back in time to revisit bathrooms of the past from our catalogue archive; from monochrome to multiculour, small spaces to sustainability, take a look at our timeline of trends that have shaped the range and inspired bathrooms around the world. Here's to one of the most hardworking rooms in the home!


Welcome to the bathroom

1972: Introducing the first IKEA bathroom ranges. The modest SERIE collection includes a cabinet, shelf and mirrors, and is accompanied by SAUNA seating.

Simply Scandinavian

1973: Inspired by Scandinavian sauna culture, the SAUNA bathroom series becomes a big hit in Germany, where pine is popular.

Growing bigger

1978: From sauna to bathroom, with four pages dedicated to bathing areas, a wider IKEA bathroom range has arrived! Shower curtains, towels and rugs are now available.

A functional space

1979: "We’re on our way to a new type of bath and shower room. The space is growing and it’s becoming more functional" declares the 1979 IKEA catalogue.


Even DIY!

1980: Did you know that the IKEA catalogue used to feature DIY materials too? In 1980, ceramic tiles and adhesives were part of the bathroom range.

All dressed up

1982: Bold eighties tones and flora take over as decoration becomes an important part of the IKEA bathroom.

Lights that mean business

1983: The IKEA bathroom folks come up with yet another bright idea as lighting joins the range.

A bathroom for just 1690 kr!

1985: The DAX series includes a shelf, mirror, cabinet and vanity unit with drawers, cupboards, doors and handles for just 1690 Swedish kronor - that's around 155 Euros!

A room for all

1987: Recognising that the bathroom is no longer just a sanctuary for one, but also a multifunctional place for many families, IKEA begins to factor in plenty of storage, space for laundry and generous countertops. The bathroom is working harder than ever!


The smallest room

1990: With a focus on small-space living, furniture and accessories for tiny bathrooms join the range. The DAX system is ideal for any space, no matter how small.

Toothbrushes go here

1991: Accessories become an important part of the bathroom range.

Going monochrome

1994: The EGO MODERN bathroom series taps into the black and white trend of the 90s for those with bold bathroom ambitions.

Gone but not forgotten

1996: The beloved ?NN washbasin was part of the IKEA bathroom range for 20 years. Although no longer in production, they're still highly sought after.

Time for a shower

1998: Now shoppers can even buy a shower for their IKEA bathroom. The LILLSK?R shower is affordable and easy to connect to bath taps.


Wood takes on a new look

2000: Bathroom furniture has moved on from rustic pine to birch for a more cosmopolitan look.

Ideas and inspiration

2003: As part of a new redesign, the bathroom section is even bigger, and pages are filled with inspiration, advice and even planning tips.

Hello gorgeous!

2005: Boho chic is a style as bathrooms and bedrooms become feminine and glamorous. The SIRLIG chandelier becomes a regular fixture in the boudoir inspired bathroom.

In the zone

2008: The art of Zen is the inspiration for the bathroom as a “stress-free zone”. Beech veneer and frosted glass create a sense of calm and lightness.

Start the day with a GODMORGON

2008: The GODMORGON series combines spacious storage with quality. Built to last and with a 10-year guarantee, it's no wonder that it's still a favourite, even after all these years.


A part of the home

2013: Bathrooms are not just a small private room, but an extension of the home. Bathrooms grow in size and relevance.

Hotel inspiration

2014: Inspired by boutique hotels, bathroom design takes on a sleek, less-is-more approach, with a focus on materials, such as dark wood.

One-stop bathroom shop

2015: IKEA offers an even broader bathroom range that goes beyond furniture. It includes everything from waste paper bins to soap dispensers.

Family friendly

2017: With rental homes and young families in mind, bathrooms are fun, bright and with plenty of easy fixes. Self-adhesive hooks, containers and handy mobile storage units with no DIY skills required make for easy de-cluttering.

More style, less consumption

2019: Showers get a revamp. The VOXNAN and BROGRUND head/hand shower kits use less water and come with matching accessories - even toilet brushes!


What next?

With the rise of social media, we seek and create inspiration in every room of the home. The bathroom has become a great spot for selfies and with a bit of styling, even the most simple storage unit can become a star.

Natural beauty

We see a return to natural materials such as wicker, rattan and bamboo. They're not only beautiful, but sustainable too.

A timeless classic

Launched in 1985, the FR?CK mirror is one of the oldest products in our bathroom range. With its timeless look and functional magnifying glass on one side, expect to see this handy mirror for years to come.

Put a nozzle on it

2022: Welcome to the ?BACKEN mist nozzle for mixer taps. This smart nozzle is easy to fit and regulates water flow for less water consumption. It literally means less water (and money) down the drain.

All part of the plan

With the introduction of digital and augmented reality planning apps and the opening of IKEA planning studios around the globe, here's to a glorious future for bathrooms!

Time for a new bathroom?

Time to tackle that bathroom renovation project or just a quick makeover? From planning to design, we can help. Head to the bathroom department on your local country site for plenty of products, advice and inspiration.

More vintage IKEA design, please!

The photos in this story are thanks to the amazing catalogue archive at the IKEA Museum. Dive in for your own design time travel experience.

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